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Neeraj Shah

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Product Updates - May 2021

We are back with a new set of exciting updates for our products:  Explorer and  Unitier. With Explorer, you can easily find diverse suppliers and with Unitier - Tier 2 Reporting software, you can simplify the reporting process by enabling suppliers to report their diverse spend to multiple customers in a single place. Deep dive to know more about their latest updates: Read More

Product Updates - March 2021

What's new at supplier.io this year?

A whole bunch of new product updates to make your supplier diversity journey smoother. Our tech-team has been working on these awesome updates with inputs taken from our customers, prospects, industry trends to come up with cutting-edge updates for the following products - Tier-2 Reporting Unitier, Supplier Explorer, Supplier Registration.

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Why Supplier Diversity Is More Important Than Ever

Every economic downturn raises corporate budgeting questions that may affect business programs such as Supplier Diversity. While some may wonder if companies will continue their Supplier Diversity efforts due to tightening budgets, others feel that these efforts become more necessary during an economic slowdown. We are squarely in the latter camp.

COVID-19 will bring fundamental changes in the purchasing needs and behaviors of US organizations. Supplier Diversity teams bring the skills, knowledge, and networks that can help organizations better navigate these changes.

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Standardizing Supplier Diversity Measures

Accepting standards for reporting supplier diversity spending will bring greater transparency and better benchmarks.

Supplier diversity spending is notoriously difficult to compare between companies.  Every company has their own definition of what is included in “diverse spending”.  Here are just a few examples of the variations we have seen:

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Should You Add a Small Business Criteria to Your Supplier Diversity Program?

Adding a Small business allocation to your spending with diverse businesses can make a greater impact to diverse communities.

Small businesses are important to the economy for their ability to create jobs. Many supplier diversity programs either do not track small business spending, or marginalize small business results in comparison to other categories.  With Small Business Saturday less than a week away (November 26th), we want to highlight the benefits of smaller firms and explain why your supplier diversity program should be tracking small diverse businesses .

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The team has a long history in driving innovative solutions in supplier diversity. We believe that companies deserve solutions that are effective and provide measurable value and results. Started more than a decade ago, supplier.io has rapidly become a prominent provider of supplier diversity solutions to leading corporations. We currently support customers in automotive, healthcare, insurance, retail, manufacturing, education, and banking. One in five Fortune 50 company relies on supplier.io.