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Where to Find Certified Diverse Suppliers


Does this sound familiar? Your organization has a new supplier opportunity, which means an opportunity for your Supplier Diversity program to expand by adding diverse suppliers to your supply chain. All you need is a few qualified, certified diverse suppliers to include in the bidding process as new or alternate sources of supply. You spend hours typing every combination of relevant industry, geographical, and certification keywords you can think of into your favorite search engine, only to end up with one or two potential suppliers for your efforts.

If you're nodding your head in remembrance of glassy-eyed Googling and Binging, then good news: There is an easier way to find qualified, certified diverse suppliers.

CVM’s Supplier Locator Tool

While a Google search certainly has its merits, for projects such as this, you need search technology designed to empower users to quickly and easily find new or alternate certified diverse suppliers. Supplier Locator  gives you direct access to an accurate, up-to-date master database of millions of small and diverse suppliers, verified through third-party certification entities for MBE, WBE, LGBT, SDB, SBA, 8(a), HUBZone, Veteran, Service-Disabled Veteran, and others.

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Supplier Locator collects everything you need to know about suppliers in one place, allowing you to quickly identify and assess potential diverse suppliers without spending hours guessing keyword combinations and hoping for accurate results. The tool allows you to search for, sort on, and filter by diversity category, certification source, commodity, geographical location, minimum annual revenue, minimum number of employees, and more. The Advanced Search option offers an easy method for doing very specialized or specific searching as needed.

After entering your preferred search terms, the results returned by CVM’s comprehensive master database will clearly show relevant information such as company name and location as well as certifications at a glance, verified through third-party certification entities. View the supplier profile for additional information, such as annual revenue, number of employees, and DUNS number, in order to help you determine if the supplier is a good potential business partner.

Once your search is completed, easily share the information you've gathered about potential suppliers with other users within your organization using export functionality or by printing a report so that you can make confident, informed decisions about inviting these suppliers to bid. Accurate, up-to-date contact information and ownership/certification status provided through the Supplier Locator promotes easier and more efficient supplier communication.

CVM's Supplier Locator is browser-based, meaning you do not need to purchase additional hardware in order to utilize the tool. Anyone within your organization can access the CVM master database, search for potential suppliers, and generate reports through their standard browser in minutes, reducing administrative workload and allowing you to devote resources to other areas of your Supplier Diversity program.

Supplier Recommendations

Technology saves us hours of manual labor, but don't overlook a resource you already have: your current suppliers. Word of mouth is invaluable in all areas of business, including building your supply chain. Ask your current suppliers for their recommendations of diverse suppliers. Chances are that a company within your Tier 1 is already working with a certified diverse supplier that could provide the goods or services you need and will be happy—and flattered—to make introductions.

Once you've obtained recommendations, use the Supplier Locator tool in order to generate an accurate, up-to-date profile of the potential suppliers and proceed with the confidence of accurate information and positive recommendations from your current suppliers.

Whether for products, services, parts, or materials, the ability to quickly find new suppliers has become a critical requirement in supplier management. When an opportunity arises to add a new or alternate certified diverse supplier, it expands your organization's Supplier Diversity program in addition to strengthening your supply chain. To aid you in building a stable, diverse supply chain that benefits your bottom line and meets corporate objectives, leveraging an easy-to-use and powerful tool that supports finding alternate sources of supply makes perfect sense.


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