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MillerCoors Supplier Diversity Program

MillerCoors, founded in 1855, develops its brands through brewing quality beverages, responsible marketing and consideration of the environment and community. They market to a wide range of consumers, and aspire for their supply base to actively mirror their customer base. The MillerCoors Supplier Diversity program dates back to 1975 and in 2004 CVM Solutions and MillerCoors began working together to advance their supplier diversity program and incorporate Tier 2 diverse spend.

Recently, CVM paired up with MillerCoors to share their success story through a live webinar. To hear firsthand about the MillerCoors Supplier Diversity program, what fueled their success, as well as plans for continued growth, click the below link.

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Planning for a Successful Supplier Diversity Program

Supplier Diversity is ingrained in MillerCoors’s corporate culture. Their annual process begins with a plan that includes all key internal stakeholders, followed by an assessment of scorecards from previous years and quarterly business reviews with their prime and diverse suppliers. MillerCoors uses multi-cultural market trends to provide the foundation to communicate the importance of their program to suppliers. In 2009, they developed a plan to advance their program and achieve incremental increases in their overall spend each year thereafter. With their 2009 diverse spend baseline at $353 million, the organization aspires to reach $2.5 billion in accumulated diverse spend by the end of 2015. To achieve this goal, MillerCoors intends to expand their diverse supply base, redefine their diverse spend and expand their initiatives through multi-cultural marketing relationships.

Finding Qualified Diverse Suppliers
MillerCoors_Supplier_Diversity_program-1MillerCoors utilizes nine breweries across the United States, so it’s imperative they’re able identify new diverse suppliers by commodity as well as by region. Through CVM’s Supplier Locator tool, they’re able to easily find new sources of suppliers that meet their specific requirements.

Presently, MillerCoors has over 1,000 suppliers in their database. To manage their supplier information, they encourage all of their existing and new suppliers to enroll in the MillerCoors Supplier Registration portal, sponsored by CVM. Their portal enables diverse suppliers to create a company profile, automate annual notifications for certification and documentation management, as well as automated email notifications to the Supplier Diversity program manager and the procurement team when new suppliers register.   

Expanding the MillerCoors Diversity Program through Tier 2 Diverse Spend
While this step may be the most time consuming, it’s also the most important. Recently the MillerCoors program expanded the number of primes participating in their program, and CVM was an integral part of this process. CVM worked with MillerCoors to identify their primes that reported second tier spend, as well as discrepancies in QBRs. Presently there are approximately 8,000 prime suppliers, and 50 prime suppliers reporting their 2nd Tier spend to MillerCoors.

Redefining Diverse Spend
To reach their 2015 diverse spend goal, MillerCoors is working to expand their reported diverse spend of women, minority, and veteran owned businesses to now include LGBT and small business spend. Utilizing CVM’s Diversity Data Enrichment services will enable them to effortlessly track diverse spend with LGBT and small businesses based on specified reporting requirements.

Access Multicultural Marketing and Sustainability
Establishing a relationship with the multicultural team enables the MillerCoors’ diversity program manager to advance their initiative which has led to an increase in MillerCoors funds to support the supplier diversity program.  

More often than not, the sustainability hat is worn by supplier diversity as well, whether by title or job function.  MillerCoors runs their sustainability program in the same manner as their Tier 2 program. They enroll their suppliers in a sustainability tracking program called Sedex. Through Sedex, suppliers are given goals, initiatives, and scorecards.  Supplier diversity also benefits from sustainability as many of these same goals and initiatives are rolled up together in a comprehensive scorecard.

Click the below link to learn more about the MillerCoors Supplier Diversity program and their plans for continued success. 

Watch this event


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