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Product Updates - March 2021


What's new at supplier.io this year?

A whole bunch of new product updates to make your supplier diversity journey smoother. Our tech-team has been working on these awesome updates with inputs taken from our customers, prospects, industry trends to come up with cutting-edge updates for the following products - Tier-2 Reporting Unitier, Supplier Explorer, Supplier Registration.

Note: Contact support@supplier.io to understand how these updates can help your business needs.

Table of Contents:

Period Extension in Unitier: 

Explanation/Definition:  This feature will allow you to have extended days in your reporting period time-frame days.

Advantages: Now, if you want to keep 30 days as the reporting period and want to extend it to 15 more days, then, it can be done, and at the time of extending email will also be sent to the primes who have not reported their tier-2 reporting. 

To Whom/End-User: All tier-2 users > clients can configure to extend the reporting period, and the reporting periods will be extended for the primes. 


In tier 2 options, the configuration can be done as below screen. 


Pivot Download in Excel:

Explanation/Definition: We have added an option to export xlsx with the pivot option on tier-2 custom report, which will download the tier-2 spend data in pivot format. 

Advantages: This feature will allow you to download tier 2 spend data in a pivot excel form. You can add/remove any column or rows you want to see and can check the spend data in multiple ways. 

To Whom/End-User: Tier-2 Clients. All our clients will have the option to download this export. 



Other Custom Requests: 

Disable Request Configuration 

Explanation/Definition: If prime wants to gain access for any client, they can just click on the Request button. Now, if you want to remove this option, (remove their name from this list), it can be done. 

Screenshot> Removing a client from this list. 


Advantages: You can remove your name from tier-2 report request list, so they will not receive emails of tier-2 report request from any prime. 

To Whom/End-User: Tier 2 Clients > Any client can remove their name from this list (if they want to).



Explorer and Registration 

Feedback of Search

Explanation/Definition: We have provided an option in explorer to provide feedback for our search results, so our search results quality can be monitored. 

Advantages: Now clients will be able to provide feedback for the search results. 

To Whom/End-User: All the clients who are using explorer search feature. 



API logs UI 

Explanation/Definition: We have provided a dashboard for API clients to see the request counts on the basis of different filters. You can also view and download the details of the requests. 

Advantages: Clients will be able to track their API uses. 

To Whom/End-User: API Clients having explorer access. 



Country Restriction in Global 

Explanation/Definition: We have provided the restriction option to number of countries in the global registration, so it will now, not list all the countries and will only list the required/desired countries. 

Advantages: It will be helpful for suppliers who are registering and explorer users to search within the required countries. 

To Whom/End-User: Clients who have global registration system, and the suppliers who are registering for these clients. 




Supplierone - Multiple Reporting periods:   

Explanation/Definition:  This feature will allow you to set different number of reporting periods for your primes on the tier-2 home page.  

Advantages:  Till now, only 2 reporting periods were available for each client on the tier-2 home page, but now, you can set N-number of reporting periods to show.  

To Whom/End-User:  All tier 2 users > clients can ask us to configure the numbers, by default it is 2 as existing.  

Screenshot> In tier 2 home page on supplierone side having 4 reporting periods for supplier.io client.  



Full Names of Tier 2 Diversities in Indirect Page:  

Explanation/Definition:   Earlier, on the indirect page, we used to show the only the acronymsnow we have added the full names of all the diversities which indirectly come on tier-2 by the diversity reporting page.  

Advantages:  It will be clearer for the primes on which category they are adding the spend.  

To Whom/End-User:  All tier 2 primes. All the tier 2 primes which are reporting tier 2 indirect spend by diversity.  

Screenshot> tier 2 indirect by diversity page for us client and global clients   




Unitier: Customize Attestation message:  

Explanation/Definition:  On the tier 2 review and submit page, we have modified the attestation message as given below 

Advantages:  It will make the primes more attentive while reporting the tier 2 report.  

To Whom/End-User:  All tier 2 primes > All the tier 2 primes who are reporting tier 2 spend.  

Screenshot> tier 2 review and submit page updated attestation message.  



Customize Subject in Tier 2 Emails:  

Explanation/Definition:  You will be able to customize the email subject line.  

Advantages: If you want to make a change in any of the tier-2 email's subject line, you will be able to do it with this update 

To Whom/End-User:  You (tier 2) can have customized email's subject for your primes.  

Screenshot> An example of a customized subject line 



Pivot Export Phase 3:  

Explanation/Definition:  This update of Pivot Export allows clients to add custom parameters/categories in the custom report and pivot export.  

Advantages:  You can see the pivot report with one more filter and the pivot export will also have custom field's data.  

To Whom/End-User: Tier 2 Clients > Any tier 2 client can have a custom parameter in their pivot report.  

Screenshot> Pivot report having the custom parameter.  



Custom Attribute in 3 Tier 2 Reports (Vendor Tagging):  

Explanation/Definition:  For the 3 reports given below, you can now add custom parameters of the primes: 

  1. Tier 2 Compliance Report  
  2. Tier 2 Delinquent Report  
  3. Tier 2 Goal Report  

Advantages: This feature will allow clients to see these three tier-2 reports with custom parameters in the report.  

To Whom/End-User:  Tier 2 Clients > Any Tier 2 client can have a custom parameter in these 3 reports  

Screenshot1> Tier 2 Goal Report having the custom parameter.  



New Login Page and Features in Explorer 

Explanation/Definition: The new login page will ask for the user-email first. The system now supports 2 additional types of authentication (SP initiated SSO, one more version of SSO and google auth) so based on email or domain system will identify the action needed.  

Advantages: Now we have added some more authentication method like (SP initiated in SSO and Google auth), it will ask for the username first, then, on the next page password if required.  

To Whom/End-User:  All the explorer users using the new login page.   

Screenshot1< New login page will ask username first.  


Screenshot2< On the next screen, if the password needed, then it will ask for other type of authentication (it won't require a password, so, the system will redirect accordingly). The forgot Password option is available on the second step.  



Company-wise Registration Status in Supplierone:  

Explanation/Definition:  On the supplierone dashboard, we have now provided a company-wise registration status, which can show different status for each client for which the supplier has registered.  

Advantages: It will be easy for the suppliers to know what is the current status of the registration for each different client. 

To Whom/End-User: All the supplierone users who have registered to multiple clients.  

Screenshot> Dashboard showing multiple statuses.  


Stay tuned for more such exciting product updates.

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