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Supplier Diversity as Path to Procurement Getting a Seat at the Table

Procurement has always wanted a seat at the table. They want guaranteed acceptance by C-level executives, recognition that procurement makes valuable strategic contributions to the company, and the opportunity to provide input on decisions made beyond their own functional remit.

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How to Internally Celebrate Your Supplier Diversity Program

Once your supplier diversity program is established, goals are set, and you begin to see results—however small in the beginning—it’s time to celebrate!

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A Quick Guide To Building a Supplier Diversity Policy

An essential element of your supplier diversity program is a policy outlining what the program is, who it includes, what the program goals are, and how you will achieve those goals. This differs from a supporting statement, which is a public-facing statement from a CEO or president expressing the company’s intention to be inclusive. The supplier diversity policy is strategic. It provides internal guidance for your supplier diversity team, encourages buy-in from stakeholders, builds public awareness of your program, and establishes expectations for suppliers.

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4 Advantages of Having a Supplier Portal

A supplier registration portal is a key component of a supplier diversity program. When implemented correctly and consistently, the portal onboards and prequalifies potential suppliers, collects useful data, and serves as a tool for sourcing qualified suppliers.

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Procurement Benchmarking: 3 Tips for Your Supplier Diversity Program

Procurement teams love to benchmark. We start every sourcing project and budget review cycle with a benchmarking exercise. And when we’re done, we benchmark projects against each other over time as a way of measuring the various forms of value and impact procurement has brought.

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