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Customer Reporting Manager

A simpler way to submit your Tier 2 reports

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Automate the Creation of your Customer Supplier Diversity reports

Save hundreds of hours when generating customer submissions. As an increasing number of your customers start to adopt Tier 2 Supplier Diversity programs, keeping track of your customers’ requirements and generating the necessary reports has become an activity that can take up several weeks of effort every quarter. supplier.io’s new Customer Reporting Manager automates the task of generating the necessary reports every quarter. We’ll even submit these on your behalf.


Generate All Your Quarterly Reports in One Step

With the Customer Reporting Manager, you can create all your quarterly reports in only a few steps – select the customers you want to report to and specify your allocations. The system generates all your reports in minutes.


Manage a History of All Your Reports

Tired of keeping track of hundreds of spreadsheets for your customers. With the Customer Reporting Manager, you can manage your reporting history for all your customers in one location.


Track All Your Customer Requirements in One Place

Customer Reporting Manager tracks all your customer reporting requirements and generate the reports that you can submit without additional modifications.