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Introducing Supplier Diversity Benchmarking from supplier.io

CHICAGO – August 23, 2022supplier.io, the leading SaaS provider of supplier diversity management technology, today announces the industry’s most comprehensive Supplier Diversity Benchmarking solution.  Supplier Diversity Benchmarking analyzes data across more than 450 businesses, over a trillion dollars of annual spending, and millions of suppliers to provide an aggregate view of diverse spend and usage.  This strategic offering creates the best, most accurate, and comprehensive benchmarking dataset available for supplier diversity leaders.   

“Supplier Diversity Benchmarking will help companies measure and calibrate the success of their supplier diversity programs against their industry peers.  Our mission is to help businesses gain clarity and set strategic plans by identifying opportunitiesBenchmarking Screenshot to grow programs based on accurate and reliable benchmarking data,” said Aylin Basom, CEO of supplier.io.  “We are excited to provide an invaluable tool to celebrate the successes and to support business cases for further investment in supplier diversity programs." 

Supplier Diversity Benchmarking includes the ability to analyze spend, supplier usage and Tier 2 data across all companies as well as against industry specific benchmarks.  The report provides multiple data points that help identify spend benchmarks by commodity and diversity spend category both by a percentage of total spend and total suppliers.   

“At the heart of any strong Supply Diversity program is great data, and benchmarks have always been the missing piece to having all of the information you need to evaluate beyond your own trendlines,” said Neeraj Shah, supplier.io Founder.  “Our customers have been asking for this and we are excited to provide this solution.” 

About supplier.io 

supplier.io is the leading SaaS provider of solutions that enable companies to manage, optimize, and scale their supplier diversity programs. Working as a trusted advisor to the Supplier Diversity community, supplier.io’s mission is to support every program by providing innovative and superior end-to-end Supplier Diversity solutions. Equipped with unparalleled data intelligence, superior technology, and expert guidance, supplier.io’s customers can establish and advance their supplier diversity initiatives effectively and strategically. For more information, visit www.supplier.io

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