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supplier.io Launches Supplier Diversity Partnership with Suplari

Delivers diverse spend metrics visualization in Suplari


Westchester, IL—Dec 9, 2020 — supplier.io announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Suplari to enable customers to gain diverse supplier spend and insight in their supply chain. supplier.io is the leading provider of supplier diversity data and solutions, while Suplari delivers AI-driven analytics and insights for procurement & finance teams. Through this integration, customers will have the ability to enrich Suplari’s existing solutions with supplier.io’s robust database of verified diverse businesses.

As a response to recent events, people from around the world are demanding justice and equality. We have also seen a collective response from corporate leaders who are taking action and leading the charge to address economic inequality. As a result, many corporations have a renewed focus on supplier inclusion and the desire to have real-time analytics measuring their commitment to these initiatives is critical. Having visibility into diversity spend metrics allows for a continued focus and social impact measurement across an entire organization.

"The Suplari spend visibility solution integrated with supplier.io data is impressive. Our partnership creates a powerful solution that delivers diverse spend metrics visualization and insights both at a category level and more advanced views such as inclusion opportunity areas. We are excited for the impact this powerful alliance will make for the supplier diversity and business community as a whole,” states Ashlee Nelson, VP of Business Development for supplier.io.

“supplier.io is known as the leader in the supplier diversity space, and we are excited to infuse their diverse business data into the Suplari systems to improve and expand services for our clients,” adds Ty Levine, VP of Marketing for Suplari.

About supplier.io
supplier.io is the leading provider of solutions that enable companies to manage, optimize, and scale their supplier diversity programs. Working as a trusted advisor to the Supplier Diversity community, supplier.io’s mission is to support every program by providing innovative and superior end-to-end Supplier Diversity solutions. Equipped with unparalleled data intelligence, superior technology and expert guidance, supplier.io’s customers can establish and advance their supplier diversity initiatives effectively and strategically. For more information, visit www.supplier.io.

About Suplari
Suplari provides an AI-powered Enterprise Insights System, indispensable to finance, procurement and IT. Business leaders rely on Suplari to proactively improve team productivity, optimize spend, stay on budget, negotiate supplier contracts, assure compliance and reduce both risk and fraud. Suplari’s modern and fluid user experience, advanced analytics, and AI-assisted insights enable teams to quickly track budgets, consolidate vendors, aggregate demand, negotiate contracts and manage supplier performance. Customers from large Fortune 500 to mid-size enterprises have partnered with our dedicated success team to quickly implement Suplari, connect their fragmented data, and achieve their financial and strategic goals. Learn more about Suplari at www.suplari.com.

For further information on this release, please contact:

For supplier.io: contact Ashlee Nelson, 773-350-8597, ashlee.nelson@supplier.io

For Suplari: contact Ty Levine, 408-390-6866, tlevine@suplari.com