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2018 Federal Contracting Program Video

Learn how new changes impact your Supplier Diversity Program

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Does Your Organization Have Federal Contracts?

The Federal Small Business Program (FSBP) underwent some big changes in 2017, but there's still more to come. And, whether you are a supplier diversity practitioner or procurement buyer, the Program impacts how your job is done.

This video is presented by Phil Bail, of Phil Bail & Associates, who has more than 4 decades of experience in the federal contracting field. Throughout the presentation, Phil deciphers the FSBP changes, discusses small business procurement best practices, and explains how your organization can stay compliant on new federal contracting rules.

If your organization has federal contracts - or plans to in the future - you will want to watch this. Share this video to anyone that touches procurement, has federal contracting responsibilities or interests, as well as your organization's Small Business Liaison Officer*.

In this FREE Video, expect to learn:

  • Federal Contracting Program overview and recent changes
  • How those changes impact your organization's federal contracts
  • Your responsibility when handling federal contracts and small businesses
  • Best practices for contracting with small businesses, and reporting
  • Preparing for 2018 reporting adjustments & audits

*Small Business Liaison Officer's are responsible for finding diverse, small businesses for consideration as suppliers of goods and services to subcontractors.


The Federal Small Business Program is changing. In this video, we decipher those changes, offer best practices, and tell you how to prepare for 2018 adjustments.

Federal Contracting Program Video