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Supplier Diversity Benchmarking

Measure your program against aggregate and industry specific benchmarks 

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Unrivaled Supplier Diversity Benchmarking 

Supplier Diversity Benchmarking is powered by data across more than 450 businesses, over a trillion dollars of annual spending across millions of suppliers. Supplier Diversity Benchmarking delivers community-based insights on supplier diversity performance that enable companies to make informed decisions to help identify areas of opportunity for further investment in their programs and set new goals for success. 

Spend Sample-1


Spend Metrics


The spend metrics are based on actual business spend transactions, anonymized and aggregated across hundreds of organizations and trillions of dollars in spending with different categories of diverse businesses and commodities.  

Supplier Usage 

Supplier usage metrics measure the number of diverse suppliers utilized by category and commodities providing actionable insights for shared success.

Supplier Metrics
Tier 2

Tier 2 Reporting 

Extend the power of Supplier Diversity Benchmarking to your Tier 2 program to gain valuable insight into trends in type and volume of diverse suppliers subcontracting.

The power of Supplier Diversity Benchmarking

  • Know with confidence how you perform versus the overall market and select peers for established supplier diversity KPIs.
  • Clarity into other companies’ supplier diversity strategies and how they execute their program.
  • Set strategic plans by identifying where you outperform your peers and spotting opportunities to grow your program from where others have found success.
  • Celebrate and market the success of your program internally and externally (marketing/PR)
  • Support your business case internally to increase/maintain your supplier diversity budget