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Know where your program really stands by benchmarking against real spend data from over $1.4T in spend across over 450 companies.                                                                             

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Supplier Diversity Benchmarking

Do you know how well your program is doing or what “good” might look like?  Most organizations benchmark against themselves or high-level self-reported surveys, but this data can be misleading and usually lacks enough information to help you take action.  You need accurate data and actionable insights to take to the CEO and board room with confidence.  You need a solution that is:  


The most accurate

We go beyond self-reported surveys. We analyzed over $1.4T in actual spending from organizations across multiple industries.


Detailed and actionable

Build a data-driven growth strategy by going beyond just overall result data.  Dig into the details of specific spend categories and groups to identify targeted growth opportunities. 


Regularly Updated

Ensure you always have up to date information you can trust. Our benchmarking data is regularly updated and can be compared to your current spend data. 

Supplier Diversity Benchmarking

Identify specific growth opportunities by comparing your results vs. peers

Analyze the detailed spend information for the overall market and specific industries. Supplier Diversity Benchmarking is powered by data across more than 450 businesses and over $1.4T of annual spending across millions of suppliers. Make informed decisions to help identify areas of opportunity for further investment in your programs and set new goals for success. Set strategic plans by identifying where you outperform your peers and spotting opportunities to grow your program from where others have found success. Use the data to support your business case internally to increase/maintain your supplier diversity budget.

Now you can see:

  •  Overall spend percent and average number of suppliers
  • Industry specific results
  • Metrics for all companies as well as the top performers
  • Details by commodity and diversity categories



More data than ever

Go beyond high level self-reported benchmarking surveys to see the real data. Spend data metrics are based on actual business spend transactions, anonymized and aggregated across hundreds of organizations and trillions of dollars in spending with different categories of diverse businesses and commodities


Detailed spend analysis

Quickly identify opportunities for growth by reviewing how much your peers spend in specific commodity areas and what is driving specific spend categories. Find areas where you outperform, and where you could potentially do more.

Benchmarking Usage

More than just spend data

Go beyond just spend data with supplier usage metrics that measure the number of diverse suppliers utilized by category and commodities, providing actionable insights for shared success.


Analyze by diversity categories

Identify specific communities to support by tracking how the industry spends on specific diversity categories as a percent of the total spending.  


Tier 2 Analysis

Extend the power of Supplier Diversity Benchmarking to your Tier 2 program to gain valuable insight into trends in type and volume of diverse suppliers subcontracting. See Tier 2 programs by size, efficiency and even reporting compliance.

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