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Supplier Diversity Economic Impact Analysis

Demonstrate the power and impact of your supplier diversity program



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More Than Just Purchases: Measure Jobs and Incomes

Supplier diversity programs aim to support the growth and jobs of small and diverse businesses. Most programs track spending as a proxy to measure their support of diverse business.

Our economic impact analysis connects a company’s supplier diversity spending to the real impact this spending has on the diverse businesses and the multiplier effect it has on their communities.

As the first company to introduce economic impact reporting to the industry, our reporting solution provides deep insight into your diversity program’s global economic reach through direct, indirect, and induced impact.  

CVS Health

"Our world-class community of diverse suppliers plays an integral role in helping us reshape health care in America, making it simpler, more convenient, and more personalized.  Their expertise and unique perspective on our business ensure we deliver products and services that meet our customer needs.  When we invest in these suppliers, we help create jobs and provide equal opportunities for businesses that represent the diversity of our colleagues, customers and the communities we serve." - Karen S. Lynch, President and CEO, CVS Health

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Your Impact in Detail

Your Impact in Detail

Track the ripple effect of your program – not only how it impacts the suppliers but also the communities that your business operates in. Gain insight into the number of jobs that are supported by your purchases from diverse suppliers and the wages earned by the employees in these jobs.

Visualize Your Program’s Economic Reach

When you put spend toward a supplier diversity program, your actions have a global economic impact on your suppliers, their employees, and their communities. With our Economic Impact Analysis, you’ll gain deep insight into your economic influence, as well as how you’re affecting lower-tier suppliers and locations in which your business operates. 

Visualize Your Program’s Economic Reach
See Impact at the Community Level 

See Impact at the Community Level 

Track the impact of your supplier diversity spend in the communities where your business operates by customizing your Economic Impact Analysis report by geography, business units, or sales regions.