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Economic Impact Analysis

Measure the impact of your program on communities you serve.  Go beyond tracking diversity spend by analyzing and identifying the economic impact of your organization on the communities you serve.  

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Blog - The Economic Impact of Supplier Diversity

Economic Impact Analysis

What is the real impact of your program on the communities you serve?  Now you can measure your impact beyond how much you spend with diverse suppliers, but by the impact that spend has on diverse businesses, employment, and more. Our Economic Impact analysis is:  



We find all the details of your impact on communities including direct, indirect, and induced.


Easy to understand

Easy to read reports can be used by anyone to understand the positive impact your organization has on diverse communities.


Community Focused

Directly link your program to specific communities you serve so they can see the positive impact you’re having.

Supplier Diversity Economic Impact Reporting

Share the impact of your program on the broader communities you serve

Supplier.io makes it easy for you to analyze and share the actual impact of your supplier diversity program. We analyze your current spend against our master database along with our proprietary economic modeling solution to identify the impact you’re having. We can even create a public-facing report for you to share with your leadership team, customers, and communities. Now you can see:

  • The economic impact of your program
  • Community level economic details
  • Direct, indirect, and induced impacts
  • Impact details such as jobs, wages, and more

Key Features:

Economic Impact2

Accurate results from trusted data

It all starts with trusted data.  Our database has over 2M diverse suppliers, holding over 4M certifications globally from over 400 proven sources reviewed for accuracy.  This data enriches your own supplier data to ensure we can demonstrate the biggest impact on the communities you serve.

Economic Impact3

Detailed results

Report on the impact you have on direct, indirect, and induced channels, capturing the full value your program offers the community.

Economic Impact4

Community level results

Go beyond high-level results to demonstrate the impact you have on the specific communities you serve including state and regional reporting.

Your Logo

Customized public reports

Our team can not only pull all the data together for you, but we can also write and design the actual report using your personal branding guidelines and assets to ensure continuity across your organization.  

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Customer Report


Aon Economic Impact Report

Aon is shaping better decisions through economic inclusion.  Read their full Economic Impact Report to see how a world-class supplier diversity program is impacting their local communities.

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Industry Research

October, 2022

2022 State of Supplier Diversity Report

Our 5th State of Supplier Diversity Report revealed big changes in the primary drivers of supplier diversity and executive and board support is at an all-time high. 

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March 31, 2020

The Economic Impact of Supplier Diversity

“What is the ROI of this program?” 

Read how leading programs are demonstrating impact.

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Case Study: Facebook Drives Impact with Supplier Discovery »


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