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Supplier Diversity:

The Global Edition

Expand your supplier diversity efforts around the world. 

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Move Beyond Boundaries and Go Global 

For supplier inclusion, many companies have been expanding their supplier diversity programs globally. But one of their biggest challenges in growing a supplier diversity program outside the U.S. is identifying diverse businesses. To address this, we offer the Global Edition of our supplier diversity product suite. 


We couldn’t be more excited about launching the Global Edition. Supplier diversity is important across the world and is a driver of economic development and growth for millions of women, minority, and small businesses everywhere. Our customers are leading the charge in taking this important initiative across the world, and we are happy to be able to support them with a robust set of tools to guide their growth.


Neeraj Shah CEO of a supplier.io

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Confidently Execute Supplier Diversity Globally 

The Global Edition incorporates country-specific supplier diversity requirements in all our products. Customers can now track their diverse suppliers, manage tier 2 programs, track spending, and measure economic impact in most countries where they operate their program. 

Products to Help Grow Globally 

Our suite of products supports the execution of a best-in-class global supplier diversity program: Supplier Explorer, Supplier Registration, Tier 2 Reporting - Unitier®, Supplier Diversity Data EnrichmentSupplier Diversity Economic Impact Analysis, and Diversity Spend Analysis.

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Offering Unmatched Global Capabilities

Spend less time researching and keeping up with evolving global supplier diversity definitions. The Global Edition platform maintains each country's unique diversity classifications and small business size standards and is powered by the largest database of diverse suppliers.

UK Diverse Suppliers

Identify and verify your diverse suppliers in the United Kingdom. supplier.io’s unique and proprietary algorithm assesses publicly available information to build a robust database of verified diverse UK woman-owned and small businesses. Companies are assessed on three industry-standard criteria for qualifying a diverse business entity: Ownership, Control, and Management.

UK Diverse Suppliers