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Supplier Explorer

Easily grow your diversity spend by searching over 2M credible diverse suppliers globally. supplier.io provides an easy-to-use portal where you can quickly find diverse suppliers that meet your specific requirements.  

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Supplier Explorer

Supplier Explorer makes it easy for all your buyers and business leaders to search for credible certified diverse suppliers.  Organizations struggle to find diverse suppliers and implement supplier diversity solutions that can grow and scale across the organization.  With Supplier Explorer you can:  


Find diverse supplier

Search the most comprehensive and accurate diverse supplier data on the planet. Find exactly what you need and reach out directly to possible providers.


Easily scale

Scale and grow your diversity program without constraints.  All employees across your organization have access to search for diverse suppliers. 


Collaborate with peers

Easily collaborate across the organization to find the best supplier to meet your needs. Tag possible suppliers, share them with peers, ask for feedback and more. 

Supplier Explorer

Easily grow you supplier diversity program

supplier.io makes growing your diverse spend easy by helping you find diverse suppliers that meet your specific needs. Type in your search criteria and explore over 2 million diverse suppliers. Refine your search, filter results, and collaborate with peers to find the best suppliers to meet your needs.

Now you find diverse suppliers based on:

  • Your specific requirements
  • Existing or new suppliers
  • Diversity categories
  • Firm details including size, location, revenue and more
  • Level of experience



Get accurate detailed results 

Find exactly what you need in our database of over 2M diverse suppliers.  Supplier Explorer delivers detailed profiles on all your suppliers, including information on their diversity status, certifications, products and services, contacts, and more. 


Find the biggest growth opportunities

Easily identify which spend categories have the largest potential for significant diversity spend growth. The Market Analyzer feature provides insight into the availability of diverse suppliers in your industry, enabling you to set meaningful, realistic category goals for achieving growth.


Pick suppliers with confidence 

Identify the most qualified suppliers with our TrustIQ feature. Using metrics available exclusively through supplier.io, TrustIQ provides information on a company's experience in serving corporate customers - allowing buyers and Supplier Diversity Managers to evaluate and compare diverse businesses quickly. Save time by narrowing the list of suppliers to those most likely to suit your unique needs.

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Track your progress with vendors

Easily track opportunities and simplify adding diverse suppliers to all buying opportunities. With our Inclusion Tracker feature you can track your team's sourcing projects and impact on diverse spend, discover current projects that have not yet considered diverse suppliers, and improve collaboration between sourcing and supplier diversity teams.

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Case Study

October 2021

Eaton's revenue generating supplier diversity program

Learn how Eaton used data to better understand their supplier diversity program and use it to drive new business.

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Industry Research

October, 2022

2022 State of Supplier Diversity Report

supplier.io’s 5th State of Supplier Diversity Report revealed big changes in the primary drivers of supplier diversity. More and more companies see programs as a core component of their company culture, and executive and board support is at an all-time high. 

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July, 2022

6 Savy Ways to Build a Supplier Diversity Program

Are you struggling to get your supplier diversity program funded? Not sure how to meet your goals without a supplier diversity budget? Get some quick tips.

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