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Supplier Workforce Diversity

Gain visibility into the diverse make up of your key suppliers’ employee base

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Extend Your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts to Your Suppliers

As an extension to a company’s own diversity and inclusion efforts, leading organizations are leveraging their purchasing power to influence their suppliers to increase diversity within their own workforces.

With our Supplier Workforce Diversity solution, organizations surface insights that help them identify and prioritize suppliers that best align with their own diversity, equity, and inclusion values.

Supplier Workforce Diversity highly complements our Unitier solution which helps companies quantify diverse spend by their prime suppliers. With these two solutions, it makes advocating diversity in your supply chain easier than ever!


Gain Insight into the Workforce Diversity of Your Suppliers

Our Supplier Workforce Diversity solution allows you to invite your suppliers to collect their workforce diversity metrics, analyze progress over time for their board, leadership, and overall workforce diversity, and benchmark against all your suppliers.

Easily Launch Your Supply Chain Workforce Diversity Program

With our comprehensive onboarding plan, a dedicated project manager will help you set up your program, invite your suppliers, and train them to report their workforce diversity data.


Customize Surveys to Get the Answers You Need

In addition to collecting and benchmarking diverse headcounts, you can customize a survey to assess and score a supplier’s diversity and inclusion policies and initiatives. Today a diverse and inclusive workforce are key drivers of innovation, increased staff retention, and engagement that enhances inclusivity, encourages different viewpoints, and promotes overall teamwork in organizations.