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Tier 2 Spend Reporting

Amplify your diversity initiative down your supply chain by engaging your suppliers to report on their diversity spend in an easy to use, centrally managed Tier 2 reporting system.   

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Tier 2 Reporting

Turn your supplier diversity program into a global force by engaging all your prime suppliers and making it easy for them to report on their own diverse spend with a solution that is:   


Simple to launch

We provide a comprehensive onboarding plan to help you set up your program, invite your suppliers, and train them on the easy-to-use reporting platform.


Designed for Results

Our customers have seen supplier reporting submissions up to 2x the industry average with our managed services and ongoing follow up with suppliers. 

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A complete solution

We help you onboard your suppliers quickly and easily, without additional overhead with our provided software, training, support, and management. 

Supplier Diversity Tier 2 Reporting 

Amplify the impact of your program by including Tier 2 providers 

Supplier.io makes expanding your supplier diversity program easy and scalable.  Our Tier 2 Reporting platform and managed services allows you to quickly launch a global Tier 2 program including the platform, data, training, and support.  Now you can: 

  • Launch a Tier 2 program without the overhead 
  • Make it easy for supplier to report to you and others 
  • Get more accurate data on the impact of your program 

Key Features

Tier2 Reporting2

Centralized Dashboard and Reports 

Easily track results and monitor the progress of your Tier 2 program from a single dashboard.  Report at the business unit level, track contracts and compliance, as well as Identify spend categories and track goals at the prime level. 


Managed services 

We see significantly higher reporting from our managed services.  Our expert team can launch the program, train your suppliers, and regularly track results.  We monitor progress and regularly follow up with suppliers to get them to submit their data, driving better overall reporting for you We can also provide customized reports for your executive teams and review growth strategy with you quarterly.  

Tier2 Reporting3

Automated data validation 

The platform is integrated with our global supplier database, which tracks more than 2 million certified suppliers globally. This integration makes it easier for your suppliers to report information and automatically verifies the certifications for every supplier reported by your primes. 


Tier2 Reporting1

Prime suppliers can report centrally 

Make it easy for your prime suppliers to report once and scale those results across many of their customers.  Our centralized platform allows suppliers to share their data with any of their customers already signed up. 

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